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Excavation Colorado Springs

C&H Asphalt is your go-to contractor for all services regarding excavation Colorado Springs. Yes, we’re you’re local excavation contractors in the Colorado Springs area but we cover excavation Denver as well. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re unsure if we’ll provide services in your area because we probably do. There isn’t an excavation job that’s too big or too small for us. We do excavations for everything from a new inground pool all the way to digging out for a new sewer line. At C&H Asphalt, we understand that many people in Colorado Springs are looking for a local, well-known and trusted company to provide services on their property. That’s exactly what our company is built around and providing quality service is what we stand for.

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What we do

Excavation Services

There are so many different services that are considered “excavation” it just doesn’t make sense for us to list them all. The majority of people will never even consider them. Let’s talk about some of the more common services that excavating companies Colorado Springs carry out on a regular basis. Again, if you’re in need of one or more of these services we’d love to chat and come check out the project!

Slope stabilizing

We’re a Colorado excavating company so it’s easy to understand that we see do our fair share of slope jobs in the area. Having a slope on your property can be a huge hinderance for obvious reasons. Whether it’s creating a drainage issue or the simple fact that you have to manage your lawn at a fourty-five degree angle. These issues can be hazardous to you, your property and your home. C&H Asphalt has completed so many of these excavation projects over the years we can basically do it in our sleep. Don’t worry, we’ll keep our eyes open while we’re on your property.

Foundation Services

Excavation services related to foundations are one of the most common projects we do at C&H Asphalt. Keep in mind that we do offer these Colorado excavating services to satisfy both residential and commercial needs. Foundation work can often times be a big job but don’t worry, this is where are years of experience comes into play. We’ve been doing this in the Colorado Springs area for a long time and we take great pride in making this a seamless process for both homeowners and owners of commercial properties.

Foundation Repairs

To many people’s surprise, our excavating services extend to foundation repairs. While we don’t always do the actual repair we are very knowledgeable about the surface and soil around the project area. If a major repair is required we’ll often times be brought in to dig out the affected area with great precision. It’s extremely important to hire a company like us with great experience because one wrong move with a heavy piece of machinery could make your situation much worse than it already is.


C&H Asphalt will come in and dig out the hole for the foundation that your home will be placed on. Of course, that makes it sound a lot easier than it actually is. There’s a great amount of care and precise math that goes into accomplishing the goal of a safe, sturdy and long-lasting foundation. Fortunately for you, you’ve come to the right place. There aren’t many excavating companies in Colorado that can handle this job the way that our contractors can.


Backfilling is a fancy way of saying that we’ll lay the soil against your foundation in a way that assists in the security of the base of your home. This goes for both repairs or after a new foundation has been laid down. Our contractors take a lot of pride in making sure your property looks just as good after we leave as it did when we arrived. And much safer.

One of the many things that sets our company apart from other demolition contractors Colorado Springs is the heavy importance we place on safety. The first hazard many people think of when they hear demolition is buildings blowing up or getting knocked over by heavy machinery. And yes, that it a huge safety concern but explosive charges aren’t practical in most demolition situations. A very concerning hazard that comes up in demolition projects is the presence of hazardous materials or chemicals. In many old homes this hazardous waste comes in the form of asbestos or lead. At C&H Asphalt our top priority on a demolition job is making sure your property remains safe. If asbestos, lead or any other safety concern arises you can be confident that we’ll be able to take care of the situation properly. Of course, most homeowners are concerned by a structure falling on their property. For example, a garage or barn is a somewhat common demolition job. It’s easy to understand why one would be concerned with their garage collapsing onto their home. You can be sure that we’ve done more than enough of these jobs to make sure that doesn’t happen. Like we said before our first priority is making sure the project is done safely and precisely. We’ll leave your property looking better than the way we found it.

What we do

the cost of foundation excavation

Most calls we get from people inquiring about foundation excavating revolve around cost. We understand it can be a very scary thing in two ways. First and foremost, you’re probably concerned about the safety of yourself and/or your family. Second, most people are extremely concerned about what it will cost to either repair or excavate for a brand new foundation. It’s not easy to answer these questions with a simple call because there’s a lot that goes into these types of jobs. We need to come to your property to give you the best estimate we possibly we can. The last thing we want is to quote you wrong. At C&H Asphalt we never sacrifice the quality of your work. We differ from most excavating companies Colorado Springs because the price that we give you for this job comes with all the expertise, experience and hard work from our company and you can rest assure that we’ll get the job done right.

What we do


It’s extremely common for homeowners to have rain water pool in their yard after a heavy rain. This is something that no homeowner wants to see and is a safety hazard for obvious reasons. Often times the solution to this is digging a drainage trench. Many times there is some plumbing and install involved. Our contractors will not handle that part of the project but we’ll work alongside experts that will. And you guessed it, we’ll absolutely handle all the excavating for the project.

When planning out where your trench should go we’ll keep in mind the current landscape of your home. This means that structures such as sheds, pools and other common structures will be avoided at all cost. We’ll make sure that the drainage solution is placed in the best possible area to completely eliminate all drainage issues.

Once we start the project we’ll make sure that the trench is excavated properly and the soil is stored safely until it’s time for the backfill. This is an extremely important part of the project that often times gets overlooked by most. The last thing we want is to begin our backfilling process with contaminated soil and all of a sudden you’ll have a new issue on your hands. Our excavation Colorado Springs services are carried out with great care and attention. We understand that our work will have a great impact on the lives of the property owners.

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