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C&H Asphalt employs contractors with plenty of experience in the art of demolition. And yes, it’s truly an art form. We’ve acquired a well-known and respected name in the demolition space for a reason. It’s because we treat our customers properties like they’re our own. We understand that demolition sounds like a scary process but we’ll do everything we can to make the project as stress-free as possible.

We’re a very versatile demolition company. We understand that some demolition projects aren’t as cut and dry as others. For example, sometimes homes or other structures are very close to one another. In this case great care must be taken when carrying out a demo but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Also, you can be certain that we’ll do everything from the tear down to clearing all the debris before we leave the site. We also have many smaller services to offer you once the demolition and cleanup is complete such as the transportation of gravel or sand or even excavation services.

This is usually a very overwhelming project for a property owner because the knowledge of the process isn’t there. Which is okay and that’s where our demolition contractors Colorado Springs come in. We’ll educate you prior to and throughout the entire project to make sure you understand what’s going on with your property. We have the experience and knowledge to determine what demolition process will be best for your particular project.

Our company can tackle any project big or small. Give us a call whether you’ve got a residential or commercial demolition project that you want to tackle. We’d love to come out and give you our assessment of what needs to be done!

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Safety Is our first priority

One of the many things that sets our company apart from other demolition contractors Colorado Springs is the heavy importance we place on safety. The first hazard many people think of when they hear demolition is buildings blowing up or getting knocked over by heavy machinery. And yes, that it a huge safety concern but explosive charges aren’t practical in most demolition situations. A very concerning hazard that comes up in demolition projects is the presence of hazardous materials or chemicals. In many old homes this hazardous waste comes in the form of asbestos or lead. At C&H Asphalt our top priority on a demolition job is making sure your property remains safe. If asbestos, lead or any other safety concern arises you can be confident that we’ll be able to take care of the situation properly. Of course, most homeowners are concerned by a structure falling on their property. For example, a garage or barn is a somewhat common demolition job. It’s easy to understand why one would be concerned with their garage collapsing onto their home. You can be sure that we’ve done more than enough of these jobs to make sure that doesn’t happen. Like we said before our first priority is making sure the project is done safely and precisely. We’ll leave your property looking better than the way we found it.

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Residential Demoltion vs Commercial Demoltion

Obviously at their core, residential and commercial demolition are the same. In both cases the end goal is to remove the existing structure from whatever property it sits on. Believe it or not, the similarities between the two pretty much stop there. Lucky for you, our Colorado Springs demolition team is licensed and experienced in both.

On the residential side, it’s likely exactly what you thought it was. Properties that include single-family homes, barns, sheds, apartment complexes and other small structures that reside on living space. When it comes to a residential demo project it’s much more practical to complete the job with small machinery. In most cases, we’ll simply use our machinery to “knock down” the structure. With that said, residential jobs can be much trickier because a lot more care must be taken and more precision is required depending on the location of the structure. A garage attached to a home is one example of this. Another tricky aspect of residential demolition is the land that the structure sits on. If it’s sloped or uneven we may have to even the terrain back out once the demolition is complete. In a residential demolition the homeowner is directly consulted by the licensed demolition professional and no other parties are involved.

Commercial demolition is different from residential in almost every one of the aspects stated above. A commercial demolition can be viewed as a warehouse or a place of business being removed. Often times these are very large buildings that amount to tens of thousands of square feet being demolished. When it comes to Colorado Springs demolition on a commercial project, much heavier equipment is necessary. A general contractor will lead the project and together we’ll design a plan to demolish the structure efficiently, effectively and safely. Uneven terrain isn’t nearly as much of a concern post-demolition because these properties are usually evened out before a structure is even built.

As you can see these two situations are very different from one another but C&H Asphalt can handle the project.

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Demolition Clean-up

Our demolition Colorado Springs team takes the clean-up process very seriously. It’s of extreme importance to our company that we leave your property looking even better than when we found it. We understand that for most people this is the most dreaded part of the process because let’s face it, a property looks flat out ugly after a demolition is done. Our goal is always to eliminate that stress from the property owners. You won’t find a single shred of wood, siding or material on your property that wasn’t there before.

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Please be sure to reach out to C&H Asphalt for all your demolition needs in or around Colorado Springs. Not only do we remove structures such as homes, sheds or barns but we also remove concrete, asphalt and other construction materials. We’re looking forward to your call and we’d love to come check out the potential project in question. From there we can talk about a plan and we’ll give you an accurate and well thought out estimate.

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